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Why Was Rick Smiling On 'The Walking Dead'?

Why Was Rick Smiling On 'The Walking Dead'?

However, instead of being anxious about the heavily armed group, Rick appeared pleased by the sight of them and could be seen smiling as the credits began to roll.

Thankfully, it seems like The Walking Dead is finally returning to the show we all fell in love with in the first place. It's obviously a tough sell for Gregory (Xander Berkeley), who is the actual worst, but somehow Enid has rounded up a handful of members for the Hilltop who agree to side-step their leader. The bit where our heroes learn there's a group of Hilltop folks who want to fight with them is supposed to be inspiring, but it's sort of hilarious, especially when you realize that majority will surely die even if Rick's plans work out perfectly. They've got the numbers and the firepower to actually pose a serious threat to the Saviors, and it's exactly what the show needed. It's a small victory for the Resistance, but it's something to build upon.

Who are those people? The only saving grace here is that Rick and Maggie already know this about Gregory, and he could potentially be used to feed Negan false information.

In case you need some convincing too, here are six reasons Ezekiel needs to change his mind ASAP before things start getting real. We know Ezekiel doesn't want to fight.

Thanks to Jesus's good standing with the Kingdom crew, Rick is granted an audience with King Ezekiel and his tiger.

The priest is smart enough to leave a trail of clues so that Rick can figure out where he's gone.

Ezekiel came up with a lot of objections, but Rick and his people managed to handle them pretty well. However, after Daryl (Norman Reedus) escaped the Saviors and reunited with the Alexandrian survivors, Rick was ready to rise up again.

As Gang Grimes searches the surrounding area, they suddenly find themselves surrounded by a group of heavily armed survivors.

Morgan and Ezekiel kept their deal with her not to tell the others she was alive and shacked up at a house just outside of town.

Despite Rick's expert storytelling skills, Ezekiel said he wanted to keep the secret truce he has with the Saviors. but offered to hide Daryl within the walls of The Kingdom. I say YES! I honestly don't remember reading that part in the script so it came as a total surprise to me to see Rick and Michonne (Danai Gurira) on a Sunday drive, clotheslining a herd of Walkers.

The rest of the group, meanwhile, failed to persuade Gregory to team up with them and fight the Saviours together.

They rummage through Alexandria looking for Daryl, but to no avail. The band is back together, but yo, where the fudge did Father Gabriel go and who are those hipster-punk rejects who cornered him at the end of the episode and why's he so god damn happy? It turns out that the Saviors have booby-trapped the entire road, making it impossible for the group to pass through the highway unscathed.

While the others looked scared, Rick smiled. Walking Dead definitely isn't exploring any new thematic territory yet in this latter half of Season 7, but at least they cut down on the joyless, relentless brutality, and gave us all a common goal to root for.

The episode's best scene occurred as the group traveling back to Alexandria came across a blockade of cars rigged with a line of explosives that they proceeded to steal as a horde of zombies quickly approached.


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