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Trump To Appoint Rich Wall Street Guy To Investigate American Intelligence Agencies

The report stated intelligence officials have withheld sensitive intelligence from Trump because they are concerned it could be leaked or compromised.

The appointment of Feinberg, a prospect first reported by The New York Times, would send shock waves through the intelligence community, a frequent target of Trump's ire both as a candidate and now as president.

The selection of Feinberg, co-founder of hedge fund Cerberus Capital Management and a member of the president's economic advisory council, signals the president's attempt to keep the review process within the White House.

If the administration decides to still go the Feinberg route, current and former officials speculated that Trump could be priming the businessman for a larger intelligence job in the future.

"Any suggestion that the U.S. intelligence community is withholding information and not providing the best possible intelligence to the president and his national security team is not true", a spokesman for the Office of Director of National Intelligence also told the WSJ.

The president has railed against government leaks in the past few days.

Some members of the American intelligence community worry that the move would reduce their independence and close the spout on information leaks that don't align with Trump's views. "Republicans see them as the reckless actions of disgruntled bureaucrats eager to advance their own agendas and sabotage Mr. Trump".

According to Trump, the "real scandal" was that "so many illegal leaks [were] coming out Washington".

WSJ notes that it isn't unheard of for intelligence agencies to withhold the names of sources to protect identities but adds "in these previous cases in which information was withheld, the decision wasn't motivated by a concern about a president's trustworthiness or discretion..."

This comes after high-level advisors, close to Trump, were in constant communication with Russians known to USA intelligence, multiple current and former intelligence, law enforcement and administration officials, during the campaign trail.

In particular, they said they're concerned about Trump's ties with Russian Federation and the level of support he publicly expressed for Vladimir Putin during the presidential campaign.

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper says President Trump must exercise caution while investigating leaks from within his administration.

"From intelligence, papers are being leaked, things are being leaked".

Schindler posted the tweet in response to a question from another person named Joe Walters, who said "I can kind of guess but what do you think is going on inside NatSec right now after Trump's "intelligence" tweet this morning?"


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