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New drivers to lose licence if caught using a phone

New drivers to lose licence if caught using a phone

Drivers who have held their licence for less than two years could even be banned from the road, they warn.

The forces" inspector, Gavin Biggs, said he had "no sympathy' for the drivers caught out under the new stiff penalties.

Drivers can still use their phones as navigation systems, provided the phone is mounted in a hands-free cradle, but an accident stemming from its use can still leave the driver liable.

Mobile phone use was a contributory factor in 22 fatal and 75 serious road accidents in 2015, and was revealed as one of top 4 public concerns for road safety in a 2016 survey.

Ron Hogg, Police, Crime and Victims Commissioner for County Durham and Darlington, said "These new penalties are a real deterrent to risky driving".

As well as increasing traffic operations, GMP will also be spreading the word on the new legislation and the dangers associated with using a mobile while driving as part of the #WrongForTheRoad social media campaign.

But nearly a third of those polled said the revised penalties ought to be even higher.

The standard penalty for using a phone while driving is now 6 points on a licence and a £200 fine - up from 3 points and £100.

Leasing Options' research found that over three quarters of 25-34 year olds admitted that if their phone goes off when they are driving, they find it distracting, even if they choose not to answer it.

"I think a lot of people use their phones in their vehicle now".

A new advert developed by the Government's road safety group Think!

He added: "The misuse of a mobile while behind the wheel is totally unacceptable and North Yorkshire Police will be enforcing the new legislation fully from today".

Information from says drivers "must stay in full control of their vehicle at all times" and the rules still apply when stopped at traffic lights or queuing in traffic.

"We have one simple message for motorists - don't be that person who is responsible for claiming an innocent life for the sake of a text message".

Ministers met mobile manufacturers and network providers to see what kind of options would be available, with ideas including introducing a drive-safe mode (similar to airplane mode), or even using Global Positioning System to block calls and texts above certain speeds.

While we applaud the crackdown and increased fines as a harsh deterrent, this potential solution does seem rather oppressive.

Use your phone as a sat nav? If you do leave it switched on, keep it out of reach and, if it rings, find a safe and legal place to stop and call back. "Half of young drivers can't bear to turn them off in the auto".


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