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Totally Far Out! NASA Brings Mankind One Step Closer to Mars Colonization

Totally Far Out! NASA Brings Mankind One Step Closer to Mars Colonization

Presenting their ideas about future, NASA team informed, "A greatly enhanced Martian atmosphere, in both pressure and temperature, that would be enough to allow significant surface liquid water would also have a number of benefits for science and human exploration in the 2040s and beyond". Since long, the attempt to make the Red Planet habitable is going on, and soon scientists seem to achieve the hoary sci-fi fantasy. Mars lost its magnetosphere three billion or more years ago, and as a result it has lost most of its atmosphere and surface oceans.

As its atmosphere thickens, the planet will start heating up, enough to melt the ice under its polar caps.

The lower section of Mount Sharp on Mars taken by NASA on August 18, 2012. Magnetic field on Mars in the past would have played an important role in maintaining water and atmospheric gases on the planet. They explained what would happen if Mars had a thicker atmosphere and how it could make the Red Planet habitable. Much like Earth, an enhanced atmosphere would: "allow larger landed mass of equipment to the surface, shield against most cosmic and solar particle radiation, extend the ability for oxygen extraction, and provide "open air" greenhouses to exist for plant production, just to name a few".

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"We're trying to inspire people to imagine what we would need to do to colonize Mars". Green argued, would allow for human explorers to study the planet in much greater detail, and help determine its habitability, since numerous elements that pointed towards Mars being habitable in the past would slowly seep back into and onto the planet's environment. The reason why Mars is a desert is that solar wind strips away the atmosphere.

Researchers noted that although the plan is hypothetical at this point, a small scale magnetosphere that operates on a similar premise does exist and could serve as the model for an huge shield.

NASA engineers have been working hard on developing a sustainability plan for Mars colonization and they suggest that launching a giant magnetic shield on the Red Planet. The planet also had a magnetic field similar to what we have on our planet today. Former President Barack Obama announced at the end of his presidency in 2016 a "clear goal" to get humans to Mars by sometime in the 2030s.

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During the Planetary Science Vision 2050 Workshop in Washington, DC, NASA scientist Jim Green proposed the idea of launching a magnetic shield to a stable orbit between Mars and the sun to protect the Red Planet from high-energy solar particles.

Now, new simulations by NASA suggest there could be a way to naturally give Mars its thick atmosphere back - and it doesn't require nuking the Red Planet into submission, as Elon Musk once proposed.

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