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'Final Fantasy VII Remake' Will Have Action Based Battles

'Final Fantasy VII Remake' Will Have Action Based Battles

As there is no denying that "Final Fantasy 7" is the most popular title in the Square Enix series of games, many fans of the game are excited about the arrival of "Final Fantasy 7 Remake".

Gematsu reports (via Hachima Kikou) Nomura wanted to clear up some misconceptions about FF7R's battle system, following the release of some new screenshots of the upcoming RPG from the Monaco-based gaming conference MAGIC 2017.

In an article by Desctructoid, Tetsuya Nomura discussed a little bit more about the Final Fantasy VII remake on a Japanese Magazine called Famitsu, since there are some fans who are a little bit concerned about the image of Cloud taking cover behind a crate.

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Some people thought turn-based combat could be returning as commands could be seen in the latest screenshot.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released on the PlayStation 4 first, but no date has been set yet. Nomura also mentions that the creatures attacks have an effect on the environment around it making it a more "flashy battle". "Because it's seamless, I showed that there can be actions in response to various scenes", Nomura told Famitsu.

Millions of people love the original Final Fantasy VII and changing how that plays seems like an incredibly unsafe and above all unwanted thing to do.

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It is a major revelation, in fact, the game is much closer to the action gameplay of Final Fantasy XV higher than the original seventh chapter. Re-releasing the original game with updated graphics is fine but when you start changing core functionality, you are changing what the game fundamentally is.

Admittedly, we have still yet to see a good chunk of the game in action, so there may still be hope but if the game is more action based it may alienate the very people it hopes to appeal to.

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