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Watch 16 minutes of gameplay from 'Middle-earth: Shadow of War'

Watch 16 minutes of gameplay from 'Middle-earth: Shadow of War'

Officially announced last month with a mouth-watering cinematic trailer that even Peter Jackson himself would be proud of, Warner Bros. has finally released the first gameplay for Middle-earth: Shadow of War, and there are a whole 16 minutes of it for you to drool over. The world map shows a vast land that players will need to conquer by raising their own army. It was a large, open game set in world of Tolkien's ever-popular Lord of the Rings series, and ended up being very well received, with plenty of praise going to a function called the Nemesis System.

The free-running system also returns and players can scale castle walls to reach new heights and gain a vantage point above the enemy.

One example shown has you placing a spy among the enemy forces who secretly plants explosives in the stronghold.

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A little over a week ago, we brought you news of the sequel to Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. This is just one of the millions of possibilities that players will experience in Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

"The Nemesis System means that every element of this mission was dynamic and unique". This is where the new Nemesis System kicks in, as pointed out by Kotaku.

But in Shadow of War, Nemesis seems to be headed in bolder, more intriguing directions. It's pretty much like the first game, with some added cool new features and skills.

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The demo shows that players will be able to easily turn the tide during battle by riding the Drake while raining down fire on enemy orcs. Yes, you'll still encounter death and destruction, but also stories of betrayal, loyalty, even friendship, according to de Plater.

Later in the demo, Thrak seemingly has the upper hand as he chokes the life out of Talion. Because there can only be one Lord of the Rings.

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