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Muhammad Ali Jr. detained at another airport

Muhammad Ali Jr. detained at another airport

Muhammad Ali Jr, the son of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, and his mother, Khalilah Camacho-Ali, said they were detained at Ronald Reagan National Airport on Friday.

Muhammad Ali Jr., son of the late legendary heavyweight fighter, said Friday he was "red flagged" and prevented from boarding a flight to Fort Lauderdale.

Ali and his mother were in Washington to speak at a forum organized by Democratic lawmakers to discuss President Trump's immigration policy, which many have criticized for introducing what's been called a "Muslim ban".

In a separate statement, TSA claimed that agents were concerned about a "large piece of jewelry" Ali was wearing.

Muhammad Ali Jr. was traveling from Washington Fort Lauderdale, Florida, when he was asked to show identification.

Ali's lawyer told the Courier-Journal that a Transportation Security Administration official rejected Ali's IL state ID at the ticket counter and put him on the phone with the Department of Homeland Security to verify his identity.

Said Mancini: "Quite obviously, he's now been put on a different status" after testifying before Congress. This was the second time that Ali has been detained in a month, and he believes that it happened because he is Muslim. "Religiously profiling son of "The Greatest" will not make us safe", she wrote.

Ali Jr told members of Congress that he felt like his "human rights" were violated at the hearing.

"We have the Department of Homeland Security that appears to be targeting people based on their religion for screening and retaliating against people for speaking up about it?"

U.S. immigration have been questioning Muhammad Ali Jr about his religion (allegedly) - when he was questioned with his mother around a month ago.

A spokesman for US Customs and Border Protection has said Mr Ali was held for questioning, but not because of his name or religion. Her son didn't have a photo to prove his famous pedigree, even though he does hold a USA passport and was born in Philadelphia.

"There is no question that this is religious profiling and also I'm concerned that this is retaliation for his testimony in Washington", said Rep. Wasserman Shultz.


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