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Premier League Can Block IPTV Boxes During Games, Judge Says

Premier League Can Block IPTV Boxes During Games, Judge Says

Premier League television rights for 2016-19 sold for £5.136 billion in 2015.

If you have a Kodi set-box box with add-ons and you watch live Premier League matches for FREE or, you rely on watching England's top-tier football on illegal internet streams then you can expect a screen near you to go blank, with immediate effect.

Following the confirmation of the court order, a Premier League spokesman said: "The Premier League has been granted significant blocking remedies to further curtail the availability of illegal streams".

"We will continue working with ISPs, government and other sports content producers to protect consumers from illegitimate services that offer no recourse when services are removed, provide no parental controls and, in many instances, are provided by individuals involved in other criminal activity".

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Rights holders could previously only shut down individual streams, which could be reconnected easily through another source or stream, making the fight against online piracy nearly impossible.

This week, a millionaire who flogged Kodi boxes to pubs for £1,000 a pop was ordered to pay £250,000 and handed a 10-month prison sentence, which was suspended for one year after 65-year-old Malcom Mayes of Hartlepool, County Durham pleaded guilty to selling the boxes illegally.

Not that this crackdown seems to have had a huge impact on the popularity of Kodi.

What is a Kodi box?

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Kodi is completely legal software, and using Kodi is not in breach of any law.

Using Kodi software (which can be installed on smartphones or PCs) remains legal - it's just installing add-ons to allow piracy which is the problem.

In the United Kingdom, the law regulating this area comes from the European Union and comes from "Article 5 of Directive 2001/29/EC".

Several Brits have been arrested and convicted for selling the boxes with pre-loaded features that let you stream pirated content to your telly.

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