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Authorities scale up search for deadly cobra on the loose in Ocala

Authorities scale up search for deadly cobra on the loose in Ocala

A poisonous monocle cobra escaped from an Ocala home Monday night and was still on the run - or the slither?

Some people here are too scared to be in their own homes, fearing about not knowing where the venomous snake might be hiding.

Officers with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission have remained outside the owner's home on Ninth Street Northeast just in case someone spots it.

Wildlife officials say the apprentice shouldn't have been left alone in the sealed room.

Roderick Gillock, who lives in the neighborhood, said he's watching his every step.

WESH reported the snake escaped while being handled by someone who was learning how to handle venomous snakes.

Brian Purdy, pictured, owns the two-foot-long, tan-and-yellow and monocled cobra. "I'm surprised it was venomous", Britney Simpson said.

Nearby residents were notified about the escaped snake by FWC, which urged them to keep their pets inside and stay vigilant.

Here in Central Florida, once a unsafe and invasive snake escapes, the natural thing to do is create some sort of parody social media account.

The process to receive a venomous reptile permit is "rigorous", and the applicant must have documentation of 1,000 hours of experience for each venomous reptile they request, the FWC said.

Purdy said he wasn't home when the snake escaped.

Officials with FWC do annual inspections for reptile owners. "We wanted to emphasize that this is a venomous snake and a unsafe animal and should not be approached".

The snakes must be kept in some kind of enclosure, and that cage or crate must then be contained inside an escape-proof room or outbuilding.

Mike Kennedy, the Discovery Channel star who owned the snake, is expected to go on trial this March over the matter.

Neighbor Brandon Lacey said only the snake's capture will ease his nerves.

Orlando stations report Kennedy entered a no contest plea Wednesday.


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