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Google accounts for kids: 5 things to know about Family Link

Google accounts for kids: 5 things to know about Family Link

The Family Link app will surely prove popular with parents considering buying their kid a smart device of their very own.

Family Link is now invite-only and parents can enroll in the early access program to take a look when it comes available.

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To use Family Link, you will need an Android 7.0-based device, and you must create your child's Google account using that app. Google hopes to make the feature generally available in the United States in early summer and elsewhere in world later this year.

You can also set a new unlock code if your kid forgets theirs in order to make sure they can be connected whenever they want, unless you don't want them to. Once you've got it installed on your device, you can set up a Google Account for your child in the app, then sign them into their new device using that account. Finally, you'll download the Family Link app on your child's phone to complete the setup.

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Google has announced a new initiative that encourages parents to give their kids a taste of what Android has to offer - albeit with full supervision. With tablets and smartphones, kids can access any number of naughty things, but Google's new Family Link would to like to solve potential issues.

Think of Family Link like parental controls plus monitoring. Mostly because it is in every Android phone and we tend to stick to the search bar widget, as opposed to actually going into the app, but the latest rumored update might entice you to go into the Google app more often. The app shows a list of your kids' most-used apps, their physical location and options for managing their privileges. Advanced parental control features include screen time tracking, app rating limits, bedtime schedules, and more. Yes, you'll have to request an invite and your kids also have to be under 13 years old. This system tracks apps weekly and monthly in reports sent to the parent.

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