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House intelligence leaders: No evidence Trump Tower wiretapped

House intelligence leaders: No evidence Trump Tower wiretapped

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes said Wednesday that neither he nor the ranking Democrat on the committee have seen any evidence that then-President Barack Obama wiretapped Donald Trump a year ago, and want the Justice Department to respond to their requests from information by March 20.

Nunes told reporters Wednesday there was no evidence of the claim after the White House continued to claim Trump was surveilled.

Trump alleged that his predecessor, President Barack Obama, tapped his phone at Trump Tower in a pair of tweets earlier this month.

A congressional deadline for President Trump's Justice Department to produce evidence of wiretapping by President Obama has arrived. Sarah Isgur Flores a spokeswoman for the Justice Department stated that the Justice Department placed calls to the representatives of the Chairman and ranking members of the U.S. House Permanent Select Committee requesting for more time.

Trump recently passed the 50-day mark since his inauguration, and to say that he's off to a rocky start with the news media is an understatement. A spokesman for Obama denied the allegation.

The New York Times also reported on January 19, 2017, that communications between Trump associates had been intercepted as part of a "broad investigation" looking at links between the Trump campaign and Russian officials.

However, Nunes said he is "even more concerned" than ever about the incident intercept of Americans' communications revealed by leaks about the Trump campaign's communications with Russian officials.

We don't know about you, but frankly we're DONE with this picking and choosing when to take Trump "literally" defense.

Trump declined to comment on the issue when asked by reporters on Monday.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer offered a new explanation Monday. The senators, who head the Senate Judiciary Committee's crime and terrorism subcommittee, are seeking warrant applications and court orders, which they said can be scrubbed to protect secret intelligence sources and methods.

Nunes has been under fire in recent weeks for refusing to allow further investigations into Russia's hacking of the election, and for refusing to investigate the Trump campaign's ties to Russian Federation, especially Michael Flynn's, and appearing to protect President Trump. The claim, presented without evidence, was met with immediate skepticism from lawmakers questioning what the Republican meant.

"I think there's significant reporting about surveillance techniques that have existed throughout the 2016 election", Spicer said.

"Obviously there's a substantial amount they may not be able to answer in open session", Schiff said.


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