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BBC team caught in Etna explosion

BBC team caught in Etna explosion

None of the injuries was listed as grave.

BBC journalists and a group of tourists have suffered serious injuries, following a "huge eruption" on Mount Etna. "A few people injured, I received a bruise on my head but am generally fine and having a good, well-deserved beer in this moment!"

"BBC team all ok - some cuts/ bruises and burns. Reminder of how unsafe & unpredictable volcanoes can be - everyone had a very lucky escape". The explosion occurs shortly after the 2:10-mark in the footage.

Ten people were reportedly hurt during an eruption of the volcano, which is the highest and most active in Europe. Before that, it erupted in October, causing a nearby airport in Catania to be temporarily shut down due to smoke despite there being no injuries.

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Departures would continue as scheduled.

Morelle tweeted that the BBC crew was shaken by the incident but that they and everyone else, including a 78-year-old woman, made it down the mountain safely.

The lava had mixed with some snow, causing a small explosion and then a larger one.

Giant rivers of lava could be seen pouring from the volcano as far away as Catania, about 18 miles away, and the resort town of Taormina.

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The network's science reporter, Rebecca Morelle, was on assignment on Etna and described the experience in a series of tweets.

"Explosions like this have killed", she added.

Morelle said the explosion was "a reminder of how unsafe [and] unpredictable volcanoes can be".

Mount Etna, on the Italian island of Sicily, entered a new eruptive phase Wednesday after erupting spectacularly at the end of last month.

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