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But when a unsafe threat arrives, he has to choose between his familial obligations and his duties as the Iron Fist. He also exists within the troubling lineage of white characters acting as outsiders only to master a skill better than the people of color who invented it. Netflix's series does little to subvert these racial politics or assuage the discomfort that they stir: The Asian characters exist primarily in the margins as interchangeable foes for Danny to dispose of.

"The British actress ultimately steals the show by bringing modern complexities and watchable gumption to Marvel's newest unsafe, no-nonsense woman", Truitt wrote of Henwick. The series comes after Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and two seasons of Daredevil.

"Iron Fist" Season 1 premieres Friday, March 17 on Netflix.

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"Well, here's the situation", he begins, explaining that he only had three weeks to train before filming. The characters are popular in solo outings, but often are even more satisfying when they combine forces to fight super villains (and sometimes each other). So, for now, fans will have to wait and see whether Netflix's new superhero venture delivers on that promise.

They come from different worlds. He channels the power of the Iron Fist to rip himself free of his straitjacket's bindings and quickly takes down the other patients as well as the orderly in the hallway outside. And while we wait for the brawling to commence, there isn't much lightness to hold the interest.

Welcome to the world of Iron Fist, the latest Netflix/Marvel collaboration that hopes to build off its popular previous superhero series and drop in the final piece of the puzzle in that will set up their "urban Avengers" all-star team-up The Defenders some time later this year. How is he able to use his glowing fist to break some dude's brass knuckles, but isn't also crushing the hand holding the knuckles?

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Our protagonist is the son of a billionaire industrialist and was thought to have died as a child with his parents in a plane crash in the Himalayas. It is Danny's duty to destroy the Hand, the reason why he has returned to this dimension after a 15-year absence.

She has more than a nurse-patient relationship with Matt Murdoch's blind vigilante (Charlie Cox) who became romantically involved having saved one another on more than one occasion. Then, once the people now running the company do take him seriously, they sic assailants on him, not exactly the warmest of welcomes. For a series that's based around a Buddhist monk-trained "living weapon" who has literally-lit fists, it feels like we're treated to less action than normal. What's more, when he concentrates on his chi and focuses it on his fist, he can floor anyone with the super strength of one very devastating punch. It's just that "Iron Fist" is the first project where the lead's casting hasn't been a universally praised slam dunk.

Supporting character Colleen Wing is fascinating enough to have a show of her own. The mystical martial artist will be brought to life under Finn Jones, a former Game of Thrones lead who jump from Westeros to K'un Lun and then NY. "I love that costume and it's iconic". Fans of the character and the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe will be glad to hear that rumours of Danny Rand's flopping have been greatly exaggerated, but only just. When Harold returns to his penthouse, there's a cryptic message written on a window that says WHERE DID YOU GO, along with a handprint. It's in our nature, but we've forgotten it. I'm not kidding about that last one. Ten episode seasons work for FX (arguably the illest television network out); why do we need 13 episodes for each of these Marvel series?

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