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April the Giraffe may "shake things up" soon

April the Giraffe may

On Thursday, April's keepers noticed "significant" changes in the shape of her belly, indicating active labor was near.

Female giraffes, called cows, have an average gestation period of about 15 months, or 453 to 464 days, according to Animal Planet.

The feed had been sponsored by Mazur, an exotic animal nutrition company but the owners of the park have now struck a new deal with the toy giant, based in New Jersey. This is Animal Adventure's first giraffe calf. "The giraffes did enjoy some outside time today, though April chose to enjoy the sunshine and air from her doorway".

After tantalizing April's tens of millions of fans around the world by estimating April, of the Animal Adventure Park in upstate NY, would go into labor Friday - or Saturday - or at least Sunday - and being wrong, Dr. Tim is done making public projections. And Monday, six weeks and one pregnant giraffe later, they're one of the hottest pages on Facebook, growing almost 3,000 percent.

April's 15-month pregnancy. The birth of April's fourth calf was still pending as of Thursday, when the live video had about 115,000 people looking in.

So, we've compiled a few baby giraffe facts that will help you get to know the young calf as it grows.

He also made it clear that April "isn't late", "she isn't overdue", and he's "not concerned she is 'taking so long'".

Giraffes can defend themselves from scary predators like lions with their strong-hooved feet, but it doesn't seem like April's baby will ever find herself in this situation.

April obtained celebrity status last month when Animal Adventure Park launched a live stream on YouTube to let the world watch her give birth -and then someone reported the feed to YouTube for "sexually explicit" content with nudity. "All signs are go". Good Morning America even has a live stream up and running. "We sure it's not on a loop?"

Zoo keepers said April appeared to have "pushing" contractions overnight.

Importantly, it added: " is your source for all things April".

In a social climate where everything is fuel for the proverbial dumpster fire that is political discourse, April and animal livestreams like hers give us something that's increasingly harder to come by: an apolitical entertainment experience. The giraffe's name is April, after all.

We will keep you posted should things get interesting this evening.


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