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Comcast enters US wireless business with unlimited data plans

Comcast enters US wireless business with unlimited data plans

At present, the unlimited plan is priced at $65 per line for up to five lines with no usage limits, and $45 per line for those with the top-tier X1 packages. The company is boasting that its 16 million Wi-Fi hotspots, along with its deal to use some of Verizon's top-of-the-line 4G LTE network, will make for a quality user experience.

Comcast says its new service will compete not just on price but also by making it seamless to switch between cellular and Wi-Fi and by giving customers more flexibility than other carriers, like letting family members choose different plans or switch between plans depending on which one saves more money.

Get up to five lines automatically included when you add Xfinity Mobile to your Xfinity Internet service, with no line access fees, unlimited talk and text, and your first 100 MB of shared 4G LTE data included – all at no extra cost.

If you're using a lot of data one month, you can switch to the unlimited plan mid-month without any penalty in order to save money, and then switch back to per-gigabyte pricing the next month.

After teasing it was going to join the mobile carrier game this past fall, Comcast's take on wireless service is here in the form of Xfinity Mobile.

You can also purchase mobile service in 1GB increments, at $12 for each gigabyte of cellular data. Bundles will be available to both legacy Comcast customers and new customers alike. After all, Comcast had effectively said before this service is meant to help retain and boost its cable subscriptions.

You can change plans in the Comcast mobile app.

And that's really the best comparison of Xfinity Mobile; this service is very much like Project Fi. So far, Comcast has run limited employee trials of the mobile plan, and today, those tests will expand to the company's entire employee base.

Xfinity Mobile is launching soon.

Comcast, the largest cable operator in the USA, is looking to create new sources of revenue as consumers ditch traditional TV packages and competitors like AT&T and Charter Communications get bigger through acquisitions.

"We're not getting into the mobile business to be the No. 1 carrier", said Sam Schwartz, chief business development officer with Comcast Cable. ○ 24x7 support available from a dedicated Xfinity Mobile call center support team, available to assist with any questions. This is similar to services like Cricket Wireless, which uses AT&T's network, or MetroPCS, which uses T-Mobile. ○ 24x7 customer support via text message - created to support the way customers use their smartphones today.

Xfinity Mobile customers will have the option of Apple, Samsung or LG phones.

The cable company revealed that the device offers bundling of service with its other Xfinity experiences.

Jonathan Chaplin, an analyst at New Street Research, said in a note earlier this week that Comcast's agreement with Verizon was merely a way to enter the market.


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