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Girl found living with monkeys in Indian forest

Girl found living with monkeys in Indian forest

An eight-year-old girl was found in the company of a troop of monkeys at the Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary in Bahraich in Uttar Pradesh.

According to reports, when Suresh Yadav tried to rescue the girl, who seemed comfortable with the monkeys, she screeched at him.

An officer eventually managed to rescue the child by speeding away from the monkeys in a jeep as they gave chase, Tripathi said.

The girl was first spotted two months ago by some villagers who had gone to collect firewood in the forest. She also eats like a monkey, using her hands to collect and eat the food. However, this will take some time before she is removed from the hospital in Bahraich.

It wasn't until backup had come that they were able to coax the girl towards the authorities and to a nearby hospital.

There is no lead about the family or parents of the girl who can neither talk nor can comprehend any language. She growls like a monkey and tries to claw them. She screams when humans go near her due to which giving a proper treatment has become hard, Chief Medical Officer DK Singh told the media.

On the condition of girl, the Chief Medical Officer DK Singh said, "The girl was found two months back, eats and walks like animals, and runs away on seeing humans".

From her behaviour, we can say she has lived a long period with monkeys.

She walks on all fours despite having been trained to walk like a biped.

She is unable to communicate and screams when people approach her.

When the girl was brought to the hospital, she had several marks on her skin by which it looked that she has staying with the animals for quite some time.


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