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Project Scorpio will support FreeSync 2 and HDMI 2.1 VRR

"And on top of that, it works across all Xbox content that runs on the new console - Xbox 360 backward compatible titles and Xbox One games".

Thus, the dev kit is even more of a beast than the Scorpio we are getting- hopefully, there will be a day soon when the consoles we can buy from stores come with 24GB of RAM right off the bat, though. A 45-minute transfer process can now be done in "a couple of minutes", and the high-speed transfer cable that expedites this process will also work with original Xbox One and S development kits. While it likely won't be coming out until close to the end of this console generation, the new console will likely try to be even better than the current ones.

"(At some point), we said, "I think we need to do more than what the silicon is that's available in 2016 at a price point that a console customer would want to pay". Nevertheless, We're learning more about Xbox Scorpio as we go.

Microsoft has been a competitor within the video game industry when it comes to Nintendo and Sony.

Project Scorpio is expected to launch this holiday season, and will deliver 4K games at 60 frames per second and improved performance on 1080p displays. It's a unusual thing to investigate, especially given the system's capabilities: I mean a console outfitted with a Jaguar CPU and Polaris GPU shouldn't be able to hit native 4K 60FPS, but it's indeed possible and Turn10 has done it. This is something that does not have support on Most of FreeSync 1 screens.

Dynamically adapts the display refresh rate to variable gaming content render for low latency and a smooth, virtually stutter-free gaming experience.

We recently saw Eurogamer's Digital Foundry revealing the Project Scorpio full Specs.

While Spencer didn't go into specifics as to what game engines have been tried out with Project Scorpio so far, it is safe to assume that the development kit of the upcoming console is already in the hands of industry leaders. So we designed a console for 2016, and a console for 2017.

Based on what we have on the AMD FreeSync 2, it seems that it's actually a good addition to the already powerful video game console.

Expect Microsoft to price Project Scorpio above most consoles as this will straddle the line between console, home PC and home cinema system with UHD Blu-ray player.


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