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Adaptation of Asher's Book Worth Watching

The show follows the basic premise of the book. Hannah's voice leads the way through the tapes, counting down the group of accomplices, tormentors and ex-friends who led her to take her own life.

Thanks to the awesome cinematography, we see both sides of the story - from Hannah's perspective and what actually happened. You realise that with not just what Hannah did, but also how other people treated Tyler throughout it. Now that the acclaimed TV adaptation for Netflix has gone down a storm with critics and viewers, many are calling for a sequel to the book and for a follow-up season. The first series remains fairly true to the book, with some necessary changes due to an extended timeline. We just hope they'll get cracking on that next season sometime soon!

Hannah decides that it's all too much to take, so she commits suicide. "There's never going to be a sequel", he says. Other articles agree with this position, including one that crudely states that "watching Hannah Baker cut her wrists in High Definition isn't doing anything for youth suicide prevention". As he sinks into the water, the Chromatics play "Into the Black", and the lyrics let us know everything we need "Out of the blue, into the black". While no one student or person can be considered the cause of Hannah's choice and death, the theme of impact and affect is an imperative one in today's world of cyber-bullying and an often harsh high school environment.

But the American star's Instagram has been putting more than a smile of fans' faces.

The Selena Gomez-produced drama continues to gain steam among viewers. Most of all, I reflect on how she used to wear dresses in the winter because she thought they were so attractive and how three years later seeing her favorite color makes me stop in the middle of the street.

The honest visual representations within 13 Reasons Why remind us that what we think we see isn't always what is happening. If Hannah's parents - or Jessica, who had seemingly come to terms with her assault and told her dad - were to press charges, they would have a solid legal case against Bryce. So it's no surprise that the show has also become a hit. The question remains: Is Clay, one of her close friends, also responsible for her suicide?

The focus of the series is Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) who is the latest one to receive the tapes and unlike the others he spends time investigating Hannah's death by putting himself in her shoes and trying to remember back to his interactions with Hannah when each incident happened but as he keeps on listening to the tapes he learns some dark secrets about his classmates, which they are desperate to keep and are determined to prevent Clay from spilling them.

This show insults teens making them seem stupid for not knowing why Hannah killed herself. Some worry that it may glamorize or push a teen to do something drastic.


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