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Watch This Donald Trump Impersonator 'Release' His Taxes at the March

Watch This Donald Trump Impersonator 'Release' His Taxes at the March

Mr. Trump is the first president since Gerald Ford to not release his tax return, and he has refused to since he was on the campaign trail.

With millions of Americans due to file their tax forms Tuesday, White House spokesman Sean Spicer reaffirmed this week that Trump would not release his tax returns per recent US tradition.

People march demanding President Donald Trump release his tax returns, in New York, April 15, 2017. "We the People of Milwaukee intend to hold him accountable in the name of transparency and good governance", said Brian Eisold, rally organizer for the Milwaukee Tax Day.

Pieces of Trump's tax returns have been reported before. He shrugs the issue away by once again lying about his Electoral College victory, writing in a typo-riddled tweet that he managed to do "what was an nearly an impossible thing to do for a Republican-easily won the Electoral College!"

The impersonator "revealed" that he owed millions Deutsche Bank, but he also joked that he "knows where all of the Nazi gold is hidden" because he has it.

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Now, in the White House, he still hasn't released them, though the New York Times and journalist David Cay Johnston, who debuted his findings on the Rachel Maddow Show, have exposed partial returns to the public.

"You know, the only one that cares about my tax returns are the reporters".

The process for auditing the return of the president and vice president is very precisely spelled out in the manual, including the instruction that their returns must be filed in an orange folder.

And though he and his surrogates have said often that he would release them when the audits were complete, there's no way to independently verify that the audits of his returns from years past are still ongoing.

The Trump White House also had privacy concerns, Spicer said Monday, a key reason for the discontinuation of the voluntary visitor log release. Not he said the election has happened and he doesn't need to release his tax returns.

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-Matt Gaetz (FL): "Absolutely, Donald Trump should release his tax returns".

"Someone should look into who paid for the small organisedd rallies yesterday".

Trump suggested that rallies in Florida, New York and Washington, among other United States cities, were an extension of the battle for an election that is "over".

"His a businessman and, more importantly, as a true American, a person who is concerned with American values, would be totally destroyed if all his financial information was made public", said Mike Mannshardt, a retired teacher.

In fact, tax reform is one of several election pledges Trump has struggled to fulfil since taking office in January. Protesters at the Saturday rally were told to support legislation that would require those running President to do so. The IRS has said that Trump can release his tax returns even while under audit.

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