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Anthony Johnson announces surprise retirement after UFC 210 loss

Anthony Johnson announces surprise retirement after UFC 210 loss

Johnson announced his retirement after the fight, saying he kept it a secret to avoid distractions. I knew it was just the beginning of a series of fights with him and I would have. Cormier let loose a series of brutal unanswered head strikes before sinking in an uncontested rear-naked choke for his second victory over Johnson with the same stoppage.

In the transcript, Johnson's striking coach Henri Hooft and other cornermen told Rumble to not wrestle or take down Cormier at least four times in the first round. While "Rumble" did take Cormier down for a split second, Cormier just hung out and had Johnson in a front guillotine for a good part of the round. Cormier likes to drag the bout out and Johnson goes for the knock out.

Jones was in attendance for the event, awaiting the end of his one-year suspension in July, and seemed to be in Cormier's head going into the event.

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In the second round he finally brought his combatant to ground, sinking in a choke before "Rumble" tapped. "I'm to the point, I say, 'Screw it, I've been through the ringer and survived it.' I'll always keep fighting, keep being myself and be as respectful as I can be to stay as true to myself as I can and stay humble". "Thank you", Johnson said.

"When I got off the scale the first time, I walked away, and they didn't cover me", Cormier said.

"I'm exhausted of getting punched by guys and rolling around on the ground with guys".

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Jones went as far as to call Cormier's weigh-in "one of the dirtiest things I've ever seen in sports", but Cormier could only laugh off that assertion. "I don't think any eyes are going to be closing except for his", said UFC light heavyweight challenger Anthony Johnson.

'I didn't want it any distractions. I am not afraid to Anthony Johnson in no way, shape, or form.

Giardina said commission officials did not notice Cormier's hands on the towel.

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As for Cormier, it was his fourth straight win and his MMA record now stands at 19-1. I would love to fight him again and beat him, but if I did not fight him, especially for things that I can not control, I would be fine. "He's the best pound-for-pound fighter of all time and the chance to fight him would be something that would be impossible to turn down".


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