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GOP senators complain on eve of health care bill unveiling

The bill would also provide health care tax credits linked to people's incomes - not their ages, like the House measure - and would provide billions for a fund for states to keep insurers from fleeing their markets. The Senate bill also takes a more gradual cut to Medicaid expansion while making deeper long-term cuts, according to the Post. "Putting $70 billion, $80 billion, in a stabilization fund is an entitlement program for insurance companies, and I'm not for that".

Medicaid spending growth: The Senate bill will still contain the House's per-capita cap for federal Medicaid spending.

"The Republicans have decided they're going to pass a Republican bill repealing the Affordable Care Act", Blumenthal said Friday at an unrelated press conference.

But on Wednesday, Trump spokesperson Lindsay Walters said that "the appropriate individuals have seen the bill".

If the bill comes to the Senate floor without hearings, they should offer as many amendments as possible to slow Senate proceedings to a crawl.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says Republicans will release a discussion draft of their version of the health care bill on Thursday, with a vote likely next week. At the end of 10 years, our state will need to come up with an additional $3 billion a year - on top of the $3 billion needed to close now projected budget deficits - to avoid massive cuts to Medicaid. Democrats were not afraid to defend the substance of the bill.

In a move that will please the health-care industry, the draft also proposes repealing all of the ACA taxes except for its "Cadillac tax" on high-cost health plans in language similar to the House version.

The bill would make cost-sharing subsidies that now help low-income Obamacare customers pay for their out-of-pocket health expenses subject to an annual vote by Congress, requiring a 60-vote threshold in the Senate. Senators had previously toyed with the idea of keeping some of the ACA's taxes.

The House GOP bill would remove the Obamacare mandate that everyone purchase health coverage, replace the law's subsidies to buy health coverage with tax credits and roll back the law's taxes on the wealthy and parts of the health care industry.

Cost-sharing subsidies: The bill would allocate money for cost-sharing subsidies through 2019. "They would have no support for medication and counseling and help". "I just haven't been able to see it yet and as far as I know the overwhelming majority of my colleagues haven't been able to see it either". And it will leave many others with preexisting conditions vulnerable to inadequate insurance.

Over how many years will they phase down the generous federal funding for Medicaid expansion?

"It may well be that prices don't come down at all", he said. Another report from the federal Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services predicted that number would be 13 million.

Four of the senators working on the bill have received more than $300,000 from the insurance and pharmaceutical industries.

Why are Republicans - who complained that the Affordable Care Act was shoved down the throats of the American people even though it was subject to long months of hearings, public mark-up sessions, and extensive public discussion - moving the health care bill in such secrecy?

Lee said, "It's apparently being written by a small handful of staffers for members of the Republican leadership in the Senate".


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