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Trump to speak on Comey tapes this week

Trump to speak on Comey tapes this week

"I have not sat down and asked him about a specific reaction to it", Spicer said. "I don't work in the building, but I can tell you this - the president is very happy with the team that he has".

"The president has said he will make an announcement on this, I expect it this week, and so when he's ready to make the announcement, I'll let you know", Spicer said.

And while Spicer has cut back on the number of televised press briefings, he is still on the payroll as both communications director and chief spokesman.

Politico also reported Monday that David Martosko, U.S. political editor of, interviewed for the communications director job.

Spicer was asked a follow-up a short time later about whether he was happy with his White House role - a job that has gotten him mocked on "Saturday Night Live."

"I'm not sure that the press secretary thing is something I'm dying to do". "I think we will continue to apply that".

"At yesterday's press briefing, not only did Spicer not allow cameras, he prohibited audio recordings", observed "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert Tuesday.

Discussions about overhauling the White House communications office have been ongoing for several weeks, according to the senior administration official.

Spicer also defended the decision to hold off-camera, non-recorded briefings, as he did yesterday.

"It's no secret we've had a couple of vacancies including our communications director.we've been seeking input from people as far as what ideas they might have", Mr Spicer said. He added that the White House press team is very available and that the briefing is just one avenue to be available to the press.

Spicer's briefings have been must-see TV during the start of the Trump era, beginning with his fiery, inaccurate claim that journalists wrongly portrayed the size of Trump's inauguration audience.

Spicer accused reporters of asking the same question over and over in the hopes of getting a good soundbite that will boost their own profile.


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