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Charlie Gard's Life Support To Be Withdrawn After Parents Lose Appeal

Charlie Gard's Life Support To Be Withdrawn After Parents Lose Appeal

But Friday, his parents, Chris Gard and Connie Yates, said their son will be disconnected from life support at the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London.

The parents of the terminally-ill baby Charlie Gard have criticised doctors for refusing to let him die at home.

Gard says the day will now be about "spending [these] last few precious hours with him".

"Charlie will die tomorrow knowing that he was loved by thousands", they said.

"The domestic courts concluded that it would be lawful for the hospital to withdraw life-sustaining treatment because it was likely that Charlie would suffer significant harm if his present suffering was prolonged without any realistic prospect of improvement and the experimental therapy would be of no effective benefit", the court said in a press release announcing the decision Tuesday.

The European Court of Human Rights has rejected an appeal filed by the parents to enable Charlie, who suffers from a rare genetic condition and has brain damage from which he will not recover, to undergo treatment in the US. It turns out, both his parents were carriers of a faulty gene. At the two-month mark, he had become lethargic, and his breathing had become shallow, according to court records. In October, he was transferred to the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. They have argued that his brain damage is not as severe as doctors have alleged and have been battling to fly their son to the United States for targeted experimental treatment for his mitochondrial disease. In January this year, a crowdfunding page was set up to help finance baby Charlie's therapy.

Gard and Yates sought to overturn the ruling at the Court of Appeal, but Mr Justice McFarlane upheld the decision that taking Charlie to the U.S. would "expose Charlie to harm" with little hope of improving his condition.

When parents do not agree, it is standard legal procedure to take the decision to the court. Even so, the devastated parents had camped themselves out in Charlie's hospital room, vowing to spend every possible second with their son. They told the judge that baby Charlie could only be fed through a tube and could only breathe through a ventilator. But the hospital's doctors said that, given Charlie's condition, the therapy was unlikely to have a beneficial outcome.

Yesterday, Chris Gard and Connie Yates put forth yet another emotional appeal to the general public and Charlie's supporters.

On June 8, Chris and Connie lost the legal battle in the Supreme Court.

On June 27, however, the European court refused to intervene in the case.

A doctor in the United States had offered to give Charlie a trial therapy named nucleoside bypass therapy but the doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital said that the therapy would not help as it is experimental.

On June 30, Charlie's life support will be removed. Specifically, doctors have claimed that took keep Charlie alive would "continue to cause Charlie significant harm".

Charlie was transported to Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, where he has been ever since.

"If Charlie doesn't get this chance, we will make sure that other innocent babies and children will be saved", she reportedly said in a GoFundMe post that has since been deleted.


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