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Inquiry into contaminated blood scandal welcomed by Worthing MP

Inquiry into contaminated blood scandal welcomed by Worthing MP

Thousands of patients in the 1970s and 80s were given blood products that were infected with diseases such as hepatitis C and HIV. Hemophiliacs died from hepatitis C and AIDS-related illnesses after receiving contaminated blood products from the National Health Service, even after the dangers of tainted blood became clear.

"Thousands of patients expected the world-class care our NHS is famous for, but they were failed", she said in a statement after a debate prompted by Hull North MP Diana Johnson.

United Kingdom officials will investigate why thousands of patients became infected with HIV and Hepatitis C from blood products used more than 30 years ago.

"The victims and their families who have suffered so much pain and hardship deserve answers as to how this could possibly have happened".

It was revealed he had voiced concerns that the clotting agent he was being given, Factor VIII, might be tainted.

The UK imported supplies of the clotting agent Factor VIII from the USA, some of which turned out to be infected - and much of the plasma used to make the product came from donors like prison inmates in the U.S., who sold their blood.

Greater Manchester mayor and former health secretary Andy Burnham has repeatedly called for a Hillsborough-style probe into what happened.

He said: "Just as with Hillsborough, there must be a "families first" approach at all times".

The announcement came just two days after six party leaders in the Commons - including Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and the Democratic Unionists' Nigel Dodds - signed a joint letter calling for an inquiry.

And said the PM had always insisted that the government would look at new evidence - but declined to say if any had triggered the latest move.

He noted that the government would held special consultations with the people, who were affected by the tragedy, in order to decide which format of the inquiry would be appropriate.

A further 1,500 were infected with HIV between 1978 and 1985.

Mrs May's spokesman said that the inquiry would investigate the deaths of 2,400 people after blood transfusions.

"The announcement of a public inquiry is fantastic news for the families affected".

People suffering from bleeding disorders often lack proteins in their blood that help their blood to clot, meaning even the smallest of injuries can lead to excessive bleeding.


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