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China sets up base in Djibouti

China sets up base in Djibouti

Now having the world's largest army, China will likely be slashing its present military force of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) from 2.3 million personnel to 1 million, a complete reduction of 1.3 million in the biggest troop reduction in PLA history.

Two Chinese Navy warships left the port of Zhanjiang on Tuesday, taking an undisclosed number of military personnel on the journey across the Indian Ocean.

On Tuesday, China's People's Liberation Army Daily said the Djibouti facility was a landmark that would increase China's ability to ensure global peace, especially because the country has so many United Nations peacekeepers in Africa and was also involved in anti-piracy patrols.

It went on to state that China's military development is about protecting its own security, not about “seeking to control the world.”.

At a regular press briefing Wednesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang described the base as part of ongoing efforts to help bring peace and security to the region.

"The use of the logistics base in Djibouti will enable China to fulfill its global duty more efficiently, including patrol missions and participation in humanitarian operations", Geng said at a briefing.

In 2015, China detached three navy ships from the anti-piracy patrols to rescue Chinese citizens and other foreign nationals from fighting in Yemen.

"China's defence policy is defensive in nature".

"So China's naval base, while serving China's purposes first, is also part of that message to Africa, saying, 'We're here for the long-term'". Djibouti is a small country that covers 23,180 square kilometers of land with a population of 774,389, in the Horn of Africa right at the entrance of the Red Sea from the Gulf of Aden.

Japanese government sources said past year that Tokyo will be expanding its base in Djibouti, to counter what it sees as growing Chinese influence in the region. The move is also set to increase the number of personnel in PLA Strategic Support Force and the PLA Rocket Force.

The People's Daily cites an article published by the PLA announcing that "the old military structure, where the army accounts for the vast majority, will be replaced after the reform".

Paice points out that China made a substantial investment in Djibouti - about $500 million, according to reports - to build the Djibouti portion of a rail line to the capital of neighboring Ethiopia.


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