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Nicola Sturgeon to meet EU's Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier

Nicola Sturgeon to meet EU's Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier

Some estimates have put the amount at up to €100bn (£89bn). "I'm ready. I'm very prepared and willing to work on this very quickly - night and day, the weekend", the EU Brexit negotiator said.

"I don't want to make any comment", he began - but immediately went on to say he was "not hearing any whistling, just a clock ticking".

The Brexit Secretary also said there was a need for a transition period for other countries to prepare customs and border controls. They are due to meet again next week.

"This is a question of major importance in creating the basis for a discussion on the future relationship", Mr Barnier told reporters in Brussels, ...

And Mr Barnier said today: "These three priority subjects are indivisible".

And he said Britain will still have to accept the interference of meddling European Union judges even after we quit the Brexit club.

Mr Barnier also reiterated a point made earlier by the EU Parliament's rapporteur on Brexit, Guy Verhofstadt, who said that the negotiations can not progress unless progress is made on all key areas of discussion.

Mr Barnier said: "It submits European Union citizens to British law which imposes restrictions, for example on the right of family unification. The British position as it now stands does not allow for that reciprocity".

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and UK Prime MInister Theresa May
British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and UK Prime MInister Theresa May. Thierry Charlier

Barnier also insisted he was not trying to push Theresa May into walking out of the talks by requiring the continued jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, including over the rights of citizens.

"We have published nine European Union position papers so far on the different issues", he said.

"It is not a ransom, it's not an exit bill, it's not punishment, not a revenge, it is simply settling accounts - any separation needs settling accounts", he added.

However, the EU also contends that Britain has legally committed to pay its portion of future EU pension arrangements and for EU programs that have been promised but not yet delivered. "How to build a relationship on trade, on security or defense, on other topics, like universities for instance, how to build a stable relationship in the long run with a country if there is no trust?" Farmers on either side of what will become a new UK-EU land border on the island fear disruption after March 2019.

The European Union's chief negotiator has slapped down remarks from Boris Johnson that suggested the United Kingdom could walk away from the prospect of paying a heavy final bill to the EU.

This position was praised by Chuka Umunna, the Labour MP and former shadow business secretary, who said it was a "bold and important" move for Cortes to say Labour should forget single market membership and now argue to stay in the EU. "Can he reassure us that if he's not prepared to tell us publicly at the very least he has a detailed private plan to manage that risk?" she said.

"Because oversight of Euratom is part of the European Union, part of budget and so on", said the former Belgian prime minister, who was appointed the EU parliament's Brexit representative previous year.

"At the beginning [of the negotiations] you'll remember we had a slightly hard month of two where there were talks of punishment and Lord knows what else", Mr Davis told the European Union Select Committee.


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