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Become a citizen scientist for the solar eclipse

Become a citizen scientist for the solar eclipse

This also will be the first eclipse to exclusively cross the nation, from the Pacific to the Atlantic coasts, since June 8, 1918.

Shortly after 9 a.m. August 21, the sky will start to turn black.

It's not quite as long of a wait as you might have thought, but it won't stretch the width of the country.

No, I'm not Nostradamous predicting the end of the world.

Great Smoky Mountain Heritage Center, Townsend, TN is hosting a Solar Eclipse Tour to Cades Cove.

On that Monday, the moon's shadow will darken the sky, causing temperatures to drop and stars to become visible in the normally day lit sky.

Wearing ordinary sunglasses, even dark ones, will not do, NASA said.

Before using the solar filter glasses inspect them.

If you don't feel like traveling, Downtown and West Ashley will get around 1 minute 30 seconds of eclipse time, North Charleston will get between 1:30 and 2 minutes, and Summerville, Mount Pleasant, Sullivan's, and IOP will get around 2 minutes.

Here in Eastern Washington, the eclipse will be partial - from about 86 percent at the U.S. Canada border to more than 98 percent at the Washington-Oregon border. Special eye protection is needed for safe viewing of the astronomical event.

The closest places to witness the total solar eclipse is about 310 miles away in the Marysville, Kansas area. According to NASA, four companies manufacture certified eclipse glasses and solar viewers that are safe for looking at the sun: Rainbow Symphony, American Paper Optics, Thousand Oaks Optical and TSE 17. You'd do best to avoid that since there is no cure for solar retinopathy.

The length of the totality actually varies from eclipse to eclipse. You can also use a pinhole projector if you don't want to buy new shades.

That last thing you should have: a camera remote to avoid any shake possible. "And if you're going to see it, you might as well document it".

And with technology everywhere, from smartphones to satellites, the eclipse will be captured as never before, and will offer scientists a wealth of new insights on how the Sun works. The Gulf Coast region will catch a partial eclipse.

Do you have to be in "totality"?

"Even 1 percent of the sun is really bright", she said. It's definitely an event you'll want to photograph to have the memories forever.

While a solar eclipse can be wonderful to behold, the phenomenon has little impact on Earth.


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