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Fecal Bacteria Found In McDonald's, Burger King, And Kentucky Fried Chicken

Fecal Bacteria Found In McDonald's, Burger King, And Kentucky Fried Chicken

Reports in the United Kingdom claim that they have found evidence that ice at McDonald's, KFC and Burger King outlets in United Kingdom said to be laced with feces.

As part of its show "Watchdog", the BBC tested 10 samples of drinks from each of those fast food chains and found traces of fecal coliform bacteria at various levels.

McDonald's also told the BBC that bacteriology and food safety professor Tom Humphrey had said that no levels of the bacterium that most reliably indicate fecal contamination were uncovered in McDonald's ice samples. Speaking on the programme, Mr Lewis said, "It's extremely worrying". "When we're finding the sorts of numbers we're finding here, you have to look at the people making the ice, handling the ice, which they then transfer into customers' drinks".

That may be true, but the mandate is clear for the paranoid fast food consumer: if you're not willing to skip soda altogether, enjoy your lukewarm beverage with the knowledge that you're avoiding possibly poop-laced ice.

The Liverpool Echo reports that 30 restaurants were tested for the disgusting matter, and it was discovered in the ice at three Mickey D's, six Bks, and seven KFC locations.

Among the results, four Burger King and five KFC branches revealed significant levels of contamination, which is saying a lot since there is no safe "minimum" level of contamination when it comes to the pathogenic bacteria, especially when it is for human consumption.

"We are shocked and extremely disappointed by these results", said the KFC spokesperson.

Burger King's response has also been widely circulated by media outlets: "Cleanliness and hygiene are a top priority for the Burger King brand".

KFC has since shut down all affected ice machines, and is in the process of inspecting and cleaning ice machines at all its locations in the UK.

There are safety standards in place for unfrozen drinking water, but none specifically for the production of ice.

McDonald's and Burger King both stressed the training that they give their employees and the good health ratings that their restaurants have. "We would therefore welcome the introduction of an agreed standard and would be happy to work with relevant industry bodies", a spokesperson for McDonald's told Business Insider.


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