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Teachers, scientists prepare for total solar eclipse

Teachers, scientists prepare for total solar eclipse

"They are rare, lovely and special", he said of eclipses.

Here in New Mexico, we won't be within the path of totality. That experience fully convinced him the sun was larger than generally thought.

21, the moon will cast a 70-mile-wide shadow by slipping between Earth and the sun.

"Extending the observing time and going to very high altitude might allow us to see a few events or track waves that would be essentially invisible in just two minutes of observations from the ground".

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Kentrianakis, Jubier, Quaglia and others want to pin it down by positioning researchers inside and outside where totality should be, armed with the equipment for what's called a "flash spectrum" photograph. Information used in this article came from NASA. "And the moon would be the size of a small red pepper flake".

"There is not a safe period where you can take them off...up here it is CRITICAL that they keep their glasses on through the whole event", Everly said. Many eclipses are only visible from remote parts of our planet, such as Antarctica or the middle of an ocean. Oshkosh, is just outside the path, while North Platte, is within it. "By actually using this insane coincidence of this dark shadow coming across the Earth in the daytime, it sets up all kinds of temperature changes and gravity waves, and learning about that and studying it in detail can actually teach us about our atmosphere better in general". "The more we can get (kids) involved now at this young age, the more they can become in the space industry".

If you're planning on watching the eclipse in its path of totality, you'll be able to look up in the moments of the total eclipse. "If, then, the International Astronomical Union makes the decision to change the value, they will probably not change the value lightly". However, a total solar eclipse occurring in your location is a rare occurrence.

The "Eclipse Over Clemson" event, which will be held behind the Cooper Library, will begins several hours before the start of the eclipse and include public speakers, tailgating, planetarium shows, and more. Eclipses give scientists the opportunity to observe the outer atmosphere of the sun, the corona.


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