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More people living alone than ever before

More people living alone than ever before

Statistics Canada revealed August 2 that in Nunavut, common-law unions accounted for 50.3 per cent of the territory's couples in 2016-and that you're more than twice as likely to live common-law in Nunavut than elsewhere in Canada. In 1871, there were on average 5.6 people per household; that ratio dropped to 2.4 by 2016. The evolving living arrangements and families of Canadians can also have consequences, for example on the housing market, on caregiving and care receiving and on intergenerational relationships.

Canada's 35.15 million people are getting older; there are now more seniors than children under the age of 14. Census families are defined as married or common-law couples, with or without children, and lone-parent families.

In fact, single-occupant households (28 per cent of the total) across Canada now outnumber those with parents and children (26.5). In Ontario, the percentage is 25.9%.

The most common type of household is now composed of a single person living alone. One-third of them were married, and about 12 per cent - majority women - were living with children.

About 43% of Grande Prarians aged 15 and up are married and 15.8% are living in common law relationships.

Besides one-person households and households comprised of at least one census family, a small share (4.1%) of households were comprised of two or more persons who were not members of a census family, such as roommates or siblings living together. For example, income redistribution, pensions and the increased presence of women in the workforce have led to more people being economically independent today than in the past, especially in older age groups.

"It's very important for me to live with them. they are the most important people in my life and I am the only child", said Jiang, a producer for a Mandarin radio show.

The trend is even more pronounced in the capital region, where one-third of our dwellings have just one resident. The percentages were still higher in Sweden (36.2% in 2011), Norway (40.0% in 2012) and Germany (41.4% in 2015). And an equal proportion of households are made up of couples with no kids as couples with children.

According to figures released Tuesday morning, 27.5 per cent of the province's residents had a non-official language as their mother tongue. The number of overall English speakers was up from 2011, while the number of French speakers declined across Canada and in Quebec.

In addition, there has never been as little of couples living without children across the country, highlights Statistics Canada.

There are more Canadians who say they are bilingual than at any point into Canadian history.

The Atlantic provinces and the territories stood out as the only regions in the country where the share of young adults living with their parents was higher in rural areas than in urban areas, the agency said.

COMMON-LAW unions are still increasing.

As far as mother tongues go, 330,005 residents speak English, while 342,815 speak other languages.

MULTIGENERATIONAL households are the fastest growing type of household.

StatsCan also looked at multi-generational households-families with at least three generations of the same family living under one roof. Some 2.2 million Canadians lived in a multigenerational household in 2016. The changing composition of households also reflects other developments such as immigration.

And where it was previously assumed that those 20-somethings would move back out after landing on their feet, Spinks said the latest data show many have continued to live with their parents even after forming unions of their own or having children.

The number of people separated was also higher in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia past year, but down in Newfoundland and Labrador and P.E.I.


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