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Christy Clark Resigns as Leader of the BC Liberal Party

Christy Clark Resigns as Leader of the BC Liberal Party

"Rich and the B.C. Liberal caucus will get to work preparing for the recall of the legislature and will shortly provide details of critic appointments", the statement said.

A political era in this province will come to an end next Friday, Aug. 4 when Christy Clark steps aside from politics.

She called the province's protection of the Great Bear Rainforest "British Columbia's gift to the world". "I mean, she really does - at some point in time, I guess you come to the conclusion it's time for you to move on and she has", Coleman said "We will be forever grateful".

"I don't feel qualified to do the job".

Meanwhile, Elections BC say that filling her seat will also have a hefty price tag.

She said she informed her caucus colleagues about her decision to leave as leader effective August 4.

"I knew she was struggling with what she wanted to do", Coleman said. "Every seat is critical in the house".

A day after Christy Clark announced she is resigning as BC Liberal leader, one of the party's MLAs says he is considering a run to replace her. "I was a bit shocked, disappointed and dismayed, but that being said, Christy Clark is an incredible leader and what she really wants is what's best for British Columbians and our party. I'm excited to see the renewed engagement that will strengthen and energize our party as we chose the next leader".

She took responsibility for not delivering a majority - the sole job of the party leader during an election campaign - particularly when the Liberals were loaded with cash, were leading in the polls and boasted the best provincial economy in the country.

Coleman praised Clark's record as premier and said she "saved the party" during a challenging 2013 election.

She wrote that she was proud of everything her team accomplished during her time with the party, which she's represented in the legislature since 1996.

"I think she just thought, 'I want to give these guys a chance to renew, '" he said.

It was during her term that the government unilaterally curtailed teachers' contracts. "He called Finance Minister Mike de Jong too hard, but had more criticism up his sleeve for the premier", Mackin reported. Strikingly, she had the support of only one caucus member, but she won on the third ballot over Falcon. "She's been the greatest person that I've worked for". She then ran in the by-election in Kelowna West (formerly Westside-Kelowna) to re-enter the Legislative Assembly.

The truest signs of leadership, whether it's politics, business or sports, is putting others first, by crediting everyone else for the wins and taking sole responsibility for the loses. Without Clark, the NDP-Green hold a two-seat cushion.


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