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HBO hacker leaks emails, demands money

HBO hacker leaks emails, demands money

They want Plepler to pay them within three days or they will be releasing the 1.5 terabytes of HBO shows and confidential corporate data which they claim is in their possession.

This is already the second data dump that came from the supposed group of hackers.

The newly leaked files apparently contain extensive information on Game Of Thrones including castings, script summaries, including a detailed summary of the episode that is slated to air on Sunday (13 August).

Given how the hackers will not shy away from releasing more data, whether or not HBO will crumble to their demands remains to be seen.

The note reportedly ended with an image of GoT villain the Night King with his arms raised, the word "standing" in one hand and "falling" in the other. To stop the leaks, the purported hackers demanded "our 6 month salary in bitcoin", which they implied is at least $6 million.

Along with the emails were files marked "Confidential" and "Script GOT7" and a video of demands addressed to HBO CEO Richard Plepler. The hackers say it took them six months to break into HBO's network.

As if to show their resolve the hackers then uploaded some 3.4GB worth of data including passwords, potentially personal contact information for some of the actors from Game of Thrones and another script, this time for the fifth episode.

'HBO spends $12m for market research and $5m for [Game Of Thrones series seven] advertisements.

They've also released draft scripts from five "Game of Thrones" episodes, with the show set to air August 13 among them. "So consider us another budget for your advertisements!"

HBO is firm on its claim that the cyber attack hasn't compromised their internal email as evidenced by the ongoing forensic review.

HBO has already acknowledged the theft and said that the network is continuing the investigation with the help of the police and some cybersecurity experts.

Just a week following the first reports that HBO had become the victim of a major hacking scandal, the cyber criminals are back at it again.


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