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Haley says climate change 'is real,' administration will accept scientists' report

The study shows that average temperatures in the United States have risen rapidly since 1980. CNN is told the version of the draft that is awaiting Trump administration approval has since been revised twice, although the main findings of the report are still in line with the findings in this older version of the draft.

Scientists from 13 USA federal agencies have drafted a report on climate change which goes against President Donald Trump's skeptical policy on global warming, as research has shown the world faces an unprecedented rise of global temperatures due to the greenhouse emissions, the New York Times newspaper reported, citing a draft report.

US President Donald Trump's administration has given him a draft of a report that incontrovertibly links human activity to climate change and warns of significant warming if nothing is done. They explain that "There are no convincing alternative explanations supported by the extent of the observational evidence".

The administration has taken a host of steps this year to reverse former President Obama's climate change agenda, including retreating from the Paris climate accord, rescinding new limits on power plant emissions, and other moves. In the meantime, a draft copy of one section, "Climate Science Special Report (CSSR)", has been obtained and published by The New York Times.

Hayhoe, director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech and a professor of political science, was also a contributor to the Second National Climate Assessment in 2009 and the Third National Climate Assessment in 2014.

It follows the removal of climate change pages from the White House website and the scrapping of a series of key green policy initiatives introduced by the previous administration, including the high profile decision by President Trump to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.

The report is part of the National Climate Assessment, a congressionally mandated summary of climate change's impacts on the U.S, produced every four years.

The leak comes as it was reported by The Guardian yesterday that senior officials at the US Department of Agriculture are now instructing staff to speak about "weather extremes" instead of climate change.

The Times was the first to report on the draft report's conclusions.

The president said while making the announcement that the US would start to negotiate a fair for deal the American workers, people, companies and taxpayers. Meanwhile, the White House is investigating into the matter. Last year, he said he thinks "there is some connectivity" between human activity and climate change. Pruitt said in March he did not believe carbon dioxide was a primary greenhouse gas contributing to global warming. These maps show the projected change in average annual temperatures in the US depending on the concentration of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

There have been federal government reports in the past that looked at the impacts of climate change in Canada but she said they are not up to date.


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