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Facebook introduces new video service

Facebook introduces new video service

Now we know what he meant.

Watch is personalised to help users discover new shows, organised around what their friends and communities are watching.

Although rivals like YouTube and Snapchat have already experimented with original video content creation, Facebook's "Watch" will have an advantage because of its cross-platform nature.

Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement that "Watch will be home to a wide range of shows, from reality to comedy to live sports".

"We've been testing Ad Breaks over the past few months, and we will be slowly opening up availability to more creators to ensure we're providing a good experience for the community", said Grudin. If successful, "Watch" will pave way for a new method of advertising without messing up users' News Feed while also helping Facebook retain its 2 billion users on its site longer. The first one will categorize videos under sections such as "News this week", "What friends are watching" and "Coming Soon".

But Espelien wonders whether Facebook users will tap (or click) the Watch tab when with another tap of the finger they can "click over to Hulu or Netflix or whatever".

There's no word yet on if baseball will make it to Watch in the United Kingdom, but Twitter has already begun exploring this area itself - having shown some live content from Wimbledon on its own platform in July. Facebook has not disclosed the time its users spend viewing, but it is expected to be much less.

But Watch could soon take more direct aim at Netflix.

Aside from crowdsourcing content, Facebook also has its own original content in the pipeline, collaborating with groups such as BuzzFeed, Group Nine Media, Vox Media and ATTN.

Shows on Watch will debut in waves. Facebook is also believed to be trying to get more of premium content like traditional TV shows. It is still not clear when Watch will be made available to other regions.

Called Watch, the feature will include short programs along with live events such as Major League Baseball games, the company announced Wednesday.

A&E's "Bae or Bail" dating show will put "unsuspecting" couples "to the test as they're thrown into terrifying scenarios".

Content will include Bae or Bail from A&E, an unscripted series in which couples facing their fears see who sticks it out and who "bails"; and Nat Geo's mini-doc series We're Wired That Way and Safari Live.

Mike Rowe of "Dirty Jobs" fame will host a show that highlights "people doing something extraordinary for their communities". The same will be true on the content creation side where only a limited group of creators will be able to setup Shows until everything is tuned in just right and the platform is ready for others to join. Let us know in the comments if you're one of that select group, and tell us what you make of the new platform.


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