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Google Is Ready To Augment Our Reality With ARCore

Google Is Ready To Augment Our Reality With ARCore

Apple calls its technology "scene understanding" and its ARKit is compatiblewith AR experiences being designed using softwares such as Unreal Engine.

For now, only the Google Pixel smartphones and the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be able to make use of the technology once it launches.

Both Apple and Google have had their fair share of challenges, and strategic choices to consider when bringing AR technology into the phone market.

Google is planning to roll out its ARCore software development kit to bring Augmented Reality (AR) to 100 million Android phones.

Google writes that ARCore is built on the foundation set by its Project Tango AR project, which required phones with advanced sensors.

With environmental understanding, ARCore is capable of detecting horizontal surfaces using the same feature points used for motion tracking. This tech makes it possible for the developers to light virtual objects in ways that will match the lighting in the surroundings to make the item look more realistic.

Apps might include a virtual tape measure, a game that unfolds on an otherwise blank table when viewed through a smartphone's camera, or digital drawings that magically hang fixed in the air even as the user moves their phone around a room.

Until now, it seemed as though Google didn't have an answer to Apple. ARCore is built on the work that it has done with Tango. You see, while virtual reality immerses you into a space, replacing everything you see in a physical world, AR takes the world around you and adds virtual objects over it. Dave Burke, vice-president of Android engineering, said in a blog post that ARCore won't require new hardware.

With ARCore, Google is officially acknowledging AR and trying to make it widely accessible.

While Microsoft's HoloLens still offers the best augmented reality experience it is being rapidly overtaken by hardware-agnostic phone-based mixed reality like Snapchat and of course Apple's ARKit. Now, Google has another AR option that's cheaper to adopt: Google ARcore. Apple and Google are trying to remedy these shortcomings with their latest offerings, hoping to inspire developers to leverage them in creating next-generation apps.

When it comes to Tango, which Google says was created to serve as a starting point and a proof of concept for something bigger, a specific smartphone is required; the Phab 2 Pro, which is no longer officially available in Canada, or the recently revealed ZenFone AR, inherently limiting the audience of Google's platform significantly - this is much less of an issue for Apple. It's as if they're sending a message to Android users and developers that we're not in Kansas anymore.


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