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Conversations are not the Solution to North Korea Problem

Conversations are not the Solution to North Korea Problem

In its latest ballistic missile launch, North Korea halved the range to around 2,700 kilometers, South Korea's defense ministry said Thursday.

The missile, launched at the Sunan airfield in Pyongyang on Tuesday morning overflew the northern territory of Japan and splashed into nearby waters.

The US must make it clear that it will deploy a decisively destructive nuclear option to strike North Korea - one capable of effectively destroying the country.

General Terrence O'Shaughnessy, commander of the US Pacific Air Forces, said in a statement that the exercise meant to signal solidarity between the air forces of the three countries.

Mattis's remarks were widely interpreted by journalists and pundits on Twitter as a contradiction of President Trump's tweet earlier in the day even though the question was not directly about the tweet.

In another joint declaration, the two countries said they will work with others in the worldwide community to further strengthen pressure against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) after the DPRK's recent ballistic missile launch.

Asked why there was no defensive military action taken over the launch, Mattis suggested that United States and Japanese forces nearly immediately knew the missile, which landed far out into the Pacific Ocean, was not targeted at anyone. "I agree it was a reckless, provocative act, firing that over Hokkaido". Making a highly hard intercept of North Korean missiles would be a tough call because failure would seriously dent the credibility of the expensive USA missile defense system.

"We knew within minutes where it was going", he said.

In a trilateral show of force with South Korean and Japanese fighter jets, the US responded to North Korea's recent provocations with its usual flight of B-1 strategic bombers, but this time it added US Marine Corps F-35Bs.

Trump on Wednesday implied that diplomacy with North Korea is over, tweeting that "talking is not the answer".

Russia's Foreign Affairs Minister Sergey Lavrov speaks during the ASEAN-Russia Ministerial meeting in the 50th ASEAN Regional Forum in suburban Pasay city southeast of Manila, Philippines Sunday, Aug. 6, 2017. If there is any chance at all in moderating North Korean behavior, it lies in Chinese and Russian pressure on Kim.

"A series of strong economic data reminded traders and investors that the (Federal Reserve) is on course to shrink its balance sheet and lift rates again", said Markus Allenspach, an analyst at Julius Baer.

North Korea had earlier threatened to fire a salvo of Hwasong-12s toward Guam, which is home to key USA military bases and strategic long-range bombers the North finds threatening.

Meanwhile British Prime Minister Theresa May attended a meeting of Japan's National Security Council in Tokyo Thursday and visited a United States naval base near the capital, stressing Britain's security cooperation with Japan.


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