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Johnson voices support for May as she vows to press on

Johnson voices support for May as she vows to press on

Prime ministers who set timetables tend to find that political events and plotting suddenly truncate them.

The London Evening Standard, now edited by George Osborne, the Conservative sacked by May as finance minister when she became prime minister previous year, described her pledge to run again as "Like the Living Dead in a second-rate horror film". "This was not supposed to be in the script". "It is about getting the Brexit deal right, it is about building that deep and special partnership with the European Union but it is also about building global Britain, trading around the world", she said.

Nicky Morgan, who was sacked by the Prime Minister when she entered Downing Street, said: "I think it is going to be hard for Theresa May to lead us into the next general election". All my focus is on Brexit and I'm not going to get drawn into side shows'.

But many Conservatives kept silent.

"There are people who are fed up and hurt after the election, and there's muttering, but not a lot of them are muttering publicly".

"But no one is putting their hand up to take over". One insider tells me that her team weren't expecting headlines about ten more years of May and that the aim was more to knock down the idea that there is a definite date for her departure than to suggest that she meant to go on and on.

"Yes, there has been an terrible lot of speculation about my future which has no basis in it whatsoever", she told Dinnen, adding: "I'm in this for the long term".

Former Tory deputy Prime Minister Lord Heseltine said: "The long term is the hard one for Theresa May because I don't think she's got a long term".

Johnson voices support for May as she vows to press on

She is widely seen as living on borrowed time after the damaging June election that saw her party lose its working majority in the House of Commons. The opposition Labour Party, meanwhile, picked up dozens of seats.

Theresa May echoed Margaret Thatcher with her vow to lead the Tories into the next election.

"The sooner the public has the chance to vote out her and her government the better for our country's future".

She insisted that she was "in this for the long term" and dismissed renewed reports that she planned to stand down after Brexit was complete in 2019.

Few Conservatives dare risk doing anything that might trigger an early parliamentary election and hand a chance of victory to Corbyn.

One MP has told the FT that the prime minister appears to be "harbouring delusions" and that she can not win a general election.

Many of Mrs May's Cabinet members are thought to be starting to jockey to replace her. She's up for staying on.


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