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Nasa captures the strongest solar flares of the past decade

Nasa captures the strongest solar flares of the past decade

They added that the X9.3 flare was the largest produced thus far during the current solar cycle, an 11 year period of the sun's waxing and waning activity that began back in December 2008.

The two flares occurred Wednesday morning at 5:10am and 8:02am EDT.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration said that two high intensity solar flares were emitted on Wednesday, according to media reports from the Agence France-Presse. The sun sent out a burst of hot plasma that is expected to hit the Earth, setting off possible solar storms that will be visible in selected parts of the country.

Solar flares are powerful bursts of radiation and can interfere with the Global Positioning System and communications satellites if they are intense enough. Both were captured by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, which is constantly monitoring the sun and its activity.

What the solar flare can do to us, though, is punk our communications systems. During the Sun's rotation, the magnetic loops become wrapped becoming tighter as the rotation progresses. They will also give solar astronomers more data and information to help them better understand the star that provides heat and energy to life on Earth.

The size of the second flare is somewhat usual, according to, since the sun is now at solar minimum, or the period of lowest activity during its 11-year cycle.

Both flares released Wednesday can be seen in this animation, which features the Sun viewed at 131 Angstroms. They are measured on a scale from one to nine in C, M and X classes.

If Earth is in the CME's path, the particles interact with our magnetic field.

It's the biggest flare on record in a decade.

Despite the flare's power, the sun is actually in a period of waning activity.

This led to concern that the flares could cause geomagnetic storms that would then cause problems on Earth.

CMS and solar flares are different phenomena but often occur at the same time when it comes to the strongest solar flares.

While a CME did erupt in the wake of these two solar flares, NASA is still trying to analyze whether or not Earth is in its path.


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