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Firefox 57 "Quantum" promised to be faster, sleeker, more modern

Firefox 57

The support for Flash on Android is on its way to being a bit smaller though as the latest beta build of Firefox on Android is dropping support for Flash with the next major update which will be version 56.

Looking to win back some of the legions of users who in recent years abandoned the slow, dated Firefox for Chrome, Mozilla says its new browser will not only catch the market-leading Chrome in performance, but will "often" be faster to load and will take up 30 per cent less RAM than the notoriously memory-hungry Google browser.

Mozilla's comeback in the browser wars may be a long shot amid the dominance of Google and Chrome, but there are good reasons to hope the organization is successful.

Part of the Quantum improvements come from a new "super-fast CSS engine" that was written in Rust and, unique to browsers, runs in parallel across multiple CPU cores.

The Firefox Quantum boasts of being able to run using multiple processes.

Firefox Quantum claims the title of fastest browser. That's only around 25% of all legacy plugins, meaning that almost 75% of all Firefox add-ons won't be available to users on the new version.

Now Mozilla Firefox delivered another hit for this plug in.

In addition, for the past several months we've run a browser-wide initiative to zap any instances of slowness you might encounter while using Firefox.

More improvements are in the pipeline for later Firefox versions, too, including Quantum Render, which should speed up Firefox's ability to paint web pages onto your screen.

Performance aside, Firefox Quantum includes a visual refresh, called Photon, that "looks and feels right at home with modern operating systems". For example, if you're using a Windows PC with a touch display, Firefox menus will change size based on whether you click with a mouse or tap with your finger. Quantum has also received a tweaked UI that is meant to work well with the high DPI display common on devices today. The new Library provides quick access to your saved stuff: bookmarks, Pocket, history, downloads, tabs, and screenshots. You can get the desktop, Android, and iOS versions from Mozilla's website. As part of its Project Photon initiative, Mozilla will rid of the ugly curved tab design now seen in Firefox and will able to take advantage of high-resolution screens.

Firefox 57's settings will also become searchable, making it easier to configure the browser.


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