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Nintendo's Super NES Classic Edition is nostalgia, revisited

Nintendo's Super NES Classic Edition is nostalgia, revisited

It's SNES Classic launch day and the new Super NES Classic Edition is trending on Twitter as of about 5 am ET.

Some Walmart stores released the system at midnight on Friday.

The SNES Classic Edition comes with 21 games pre-installed on it, including a legitimately impressive array of titles ranging from Final Fantasy III to Super Mario World. In addition to the 20 classic manuals, Star Fox 2 has received its own special version of a manual that will run down everything players need to know before heading out to Corneria in the finally released sequel. Happy hunting to all the Nintendo heads out there!

Its target audience is people who loved to game in the 90's.

If you weren't one of the lucky few to nab Nintendo's latest retro console, this SNES Classic guide may help ease the pain. It's not that insane of an idea though, because once the stores sell out, they will not be restocked. On the bright side, that's still plenty of time for it to arrive if you intend to make the SNES Classic a holiday gift.

I argued that Nintendo was either underhanded or incompetent with the launch of the NES Classic, and I think that argument still holds up.

Nintendo does offer games from past consoles for download for the Wii U through its Virtual Console service and, starting Wednesday, arcade games for the Switch through its Arcade Archives service.

Apart from its size, the NES Classic Mini also included an HDMI port to connect it to a TV and clever picture upscaling technologies to ensure the 8-bit games looked good, even when expanded to fit a 55-inch or more.

This is still a limited-edition system, and if you haven't gotten your hands on one by now, you might be waiting for the next shipment.

The stock shortages of the SNES Classic Mini are an issue with Nintendo claiming there will be plenty of units. I can just see the Nintendo top brass sitting around a conference table (shaped like a 1up mushroom) asking each other "how many different ways can we sell these games we made over two decades ago?"


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