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Germany supermarket extortionist 'poisoned baby food'

Germany supermarket extortionist 'poisoned baby food'

On Thursday police alerted the public to the risk of food being poisoned, saying a blackmailer was demanding millions of euros in cash.

After police received reports of poisoned baby food in a store, they released surveillance camera images of a man they believe to be the food store extortionist.

Authorities are "of the firm opinion" that the nabbed alleged racketeer is the only culprit and no others were involved, said chief prosecutor Alexander Boger said at a news conference Saturday, said the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper.

Officials have managed to track down the baby food that was tampered with, and DNA found on the jars has been linked to the suspect. The jars had been opened and laced with ethylene glycol, a compound used in antifreeze. "[But] there is no reason for panic or hysteria".

Authorities in the southwestern state of Baden-Wuerttemberg said they would intensify checks of food on sale, but warned that identifying contaminated items would be a challenge.

A nationwide alert for Germany has been issued after officials in the south of the country last week said they were informed that five jars of baby food had been tampered with.

It is reported to have warned that food would be poisoned throughout Europe unless 11.7m euros were paid.

The authorities urged the public to remain calm and to check that the products they buy have not been manipulated or opened before making purchases.

"The case is hard because the blackmailer did not say which food will be targeted or what poison he will use", a consumer protection official said.


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