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Now can we talk about gun control legislation?

Now can we talk about gun control legislation?

"Conservatives have this idea", he added, "that the only right that guarantees our freedom is the Second Amendment". "Millennials are ... less interested in gun control than those who are older, so the data suggests it's unlike a number of other attitudes say like, gay marriage where young people are much more liberal", Gallup's editor in chief Frank Newport told NBC News.

This reaction was the birth of their current course of action in the face of challenges to lax gun laws in the U.S. In response to virtually every gun-related act of terror since then - whether it be the incidents at Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Orlando or, most recently, in Las Vegas - the NRA developed a standard practice to combat calls for gun-related reform.

The reality is that after so many mass shootings, any argument made against the regulation of gun purchases is invalid. Yet that same year, there were 489 "unintentional firearms deaths" in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 2007. That's right, not even the slaughter of children at Sandy Hook, or Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords almost being killed, or the murder of 49 innocent club-goers has given them a change of heart.

From a national-security standpoint, the Amendment's suggestion that a "well-regulated militia" is "necessary to the security of a free State", is quaint. The Minutemen that will deter Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un are based in missile silos in Minot, North Dakota, not farmhouses in Lexington, Massachusetts. Confiscation. Otherwise, his new amendment is a dead letter.

"We do see that universal background checks work, they save lives", said Peter Ambler, executive director for American for Responsible Solutions, a gun-control group co-founded with former Democratic Rep.

What might have raised a red flag?

The debate begins again, but I have little confidence that anything substantive will change.

There is only one way to do this: Repeal the Second Amendment. People recognize lip service for what it is. There is no "gun-show loophole" per se; it's a private-sale loophole, in other words the right to sell your own stuff.

Guns didn't start the Civil War, World War I or WWII. It doesn't mean anybody can own any gun for any reason. NRA membership would explode. The NRA doesn't need to buy influence: It's powerful because it's popular. The split holds even among Republicans and Democrats who both own guns.

Notably, neither Thompson nor Kelly called for all guns to be eliminated or a repeal of the Second Amendment. Maybe that is true, in this case, but - the overall inaction by our representatives to date, is inexcusable. "But it doesn't need a blanket Constitutional protection, either". It was created, rather, by our intelligent but flawed "founding fathers" who probably did not want totally unlimited and unrestricted rights to bear arms.

Some conservatives will insist that the Second Amendment is fundamental to the structure of American liberty.

Additionally, no weapons like the AR-15 assault rifles even existed back in 1791, which is what many of these active shooters are using to take out dozens of people at a time. America was supposed to be different, and better. My guess: Take the guns - or at least the presumptive right to them - away.


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