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Pot Smokers May Have Better Sex Lives

Pot Smokers May Have Better Sex Lives

Calling into question stereotypes about cannabis use and sexual desire and performance, a new study finds that frequent marijuana users have more sex than nonusers - about 20 percent more sex, in fact.

Instead, Eisenberg found that marijuana users are having about 20 percent more sex than people who abstain from the drug. The study, which analyzes data from 50,000 reproductive-aged Americans, is the first in the United States to examine the relationship between sex and marijuana use at population scale.

Although the study does not establish an actual causal link between marijuana use and sexual activity, the results are steady, according to its authors, and applies to people of both sexes, all races, religions, ages, income levels, education levels, health status, civil status, and parental status.

Study subjects were asked ow many times they had heterosexual intercourse in the past four weeks and how frequently they smoked marijuana in the a year ago.

He looked at data from the National Survey of Family Growth, which asked about 28,000 people who identify as women and almost 23,000 people who identify as men about their drug use and sexual habits. Men who used cannabis had sex 6.9 times versus the men who didn't who had sex an average of 5.6 times over the four week period.

Currently, more than 20 million adult Americans use marijuana, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. "It was pretty much every group we studied, this pattern persisted", he says.

After excluding respondents who didn't answer one or more of the relevant questions, the researcher was left with data for 28,176 women, averaging 29.9 years of age, and 22,943 men, averaging 29.5 years of age.

"It doesn't say if you smoke more marijuana, you'll have more sex", he cautioned. The survey asked if respondents had "sexual intercourse" in the previous four weeks, and clarified that "sometimes, this is called making love, having sex or going all the way". About 24.5 percent of men and 14.5 percent of women reported having used marijuana. It would appear that people who use cannabis on a daily basis have more sex.

But animal studies have shown that stimulating the brain's cannabinoid receptors can lead to increased arousal and sexual behavior, Eisenberg said.

But research on how marijuana relates to sexual health remains slim, and correlation is not causation. The trend remained true even for weed smokers who also consumed other substances like alcohol and cocaine.

"I wouldn't counsel patients necessarily one way or the other based on this", Eisenberg said.

"While the results are very interesting, it's premature to suggest that marijuana may have a medicinal use in the treatment of sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or orgasmic disorder", Vira said.


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