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New Overwatch hero Moira and new map revealed

New Overwatch hero Moira and new map revealed

Earlier today, during the BlizzCon opening ceremony, Blizzard announced that a new hero is coming to Overwatch.

The new hero, Moira, will be a support hero with the ability to switch and synergize between healing and dealing damage. Moira can also charge her Coalescence ability to simultaneously rescue multiple teammates from elimination or finish off weakened opponents.

BlizzCon 2017 brought tons of pleasant surprises for Overwatch fans. But once free from Overwatch's rule and the world's law, she was able to speed up her research and make what she calls great scientific bounds.

Overwatch Moira Skills - What does she do?

For Overwatch players who have also played many of Blizzard's other games, the Blizzard World map is an absolute dream come true.

Next we have the Bionic Orb, which like Zenyatta's orbs can either heal enemies or damage them depending on which variant she throws into the fight. And finally, Lucio isn't the only support hero with serious moves: Moira's "Fade" power gives her some really nice mobility options for getting into position or out of trouble.

That was in reference to BlizzardWorld, a new map coming to the game that takes the form of a fantastic Blizzard theme park.

It's a hybrid map-part assault, part payload-with World of Warcraft, Diablo, and StarCraft-themed areas.

Moira will be available to test on the PC's public test region soon and available to play next year. We got a look at a new character, map, and a moving Reinhardt animated short.


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