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Fawcett Society warns of slipping backwards on gender pay gap progress

Fawcett Society warns of slipping backwards on gender pay gap progress

Employers in all sectors, private and public, must be required under law to publish pay data if the State is serious about overcoming the pay gap between women and men, Senator Ivana Bacik has said.

While the gender pay gap has been in the news, a similar problem - the gender investment gap - has been largely ignored, threatening to exacerbate the problem, Boring Money founder Holly Mackay has warned. However, overall, women still earn less than men and there is a definite gender pay gap in this country.

"The date has not shifted in the calendar for the past three years, demonstrating the lack of progress there has been in closing the pay gap, " it said.

An earlier equal pay campaign from WEP and Now created a visually arresting outdoor campaign for the Women's Equality Party and Liverpool Metro Mayoral candidate Tabitha Morton.

The pay gap has stood at 14.1% since 2015, meaning it would not reach 0% until 2117 if it continued to close at the same rate as over the past five years, it said.

"It's over 40 years since we introduced equal pay legislation across Europe and Ireland in 1974 and it still hasn't addressed that gap", said Ms Bacik.

'Equal pay is both a cause and effect of gender inequality and it creates the context for other inequalities, such as violence against women and girls and unequal access to health, ' the WEP adds.

The pay gap also gets wider as women grow older - 22-29 year olds in full-time work have a gap of 5.5% from their male counterparts, which widens to 18.6% by their 50s. But while it is falling in London and the South East, by over 3% points since 2011, it has risen in the North East by 1.5%.

"We need to change the way in way in which we're tackling the gender pay gap and that sort of wage survey and transparency is a better model".

Young Women's Trust chief executive Carole Easton said that at the current rate, today's young women will be retired before equal pay becomes a reality. "This is a bigger issue than simply looking at the pay gap", she said.

"Men are often paid more than women because of outright discrimination, dated recruitment practices and inflexible working practices which make it hard for women to juggle work and family life". I'm pleased that some of our top companies are leading the way and have already reported.

Breaking down the pay gap between extremely high male and female earners provides us with interesting, and mixed, information.

And we know that black, Asian and minority ethnic women are likely to see larger pay gaps, suggesting that they are experiencing multiple discrimination and disadvantage.

We also need to ask our employers what they are doing to measure and report their gender pay gaps, and what action plan they are putting in place.

The Government need to do much more to foster a flexible working culture in our workplaces - the default model needs to be all jobs are flexible working jobs unless there is a good business reason for them not to be. According to unions, this was the time of day that women began working unpaid relative to men.


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