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California Warns People Sleeping With Mobile Phone Could Cause Cancer and Infertility

California Warns People Sleeping With Mobile Phone Could Cause Cancer and Infertility

The scientific community has long disagreed about how unsafe the invisible signals that many electronics emit might be, but following a lawsuit by a University of California professor, CDPH officials have published a document detailing ways to mitigate exposure.

"This document is meant to provide guidance for those people who want to reduce their own and their families' exposures to RF [radio frequency] energy from cell phones, despite this uncertainty", the memo reads, while pointing out that the link between radio waves and the health issues mentioned has not been definitively established and proven.

These cell phones tend to transmit information through low frequency radio signals and this exposes us to the radiation which is hazardous to our health. A phone held a couple of inches from the body delivers hundreds of times less radiation to the body as one held against the skin.

- Avoid using your phone when the signal is weak.

Keep the phone away from the bed at night.

But there's an ongoing discussion in the scientific community about whether those health risks are severe enough to warrant any alarm.

Reducing the use of cellphones to stream audio or video, or to download or upload large files.

Other worrying research has shown strong links between RF and male sperm counts, and sperm quality.

- Since a child's brain and body are growing and developing during the teenage years, the energy may have a more lasting and harmful effect during this period.

"Parents should consider reducing the time their children use cell phones and encourage them to turn the devices off at night", Smith says. It's this concern that the California health officials noted in a recent announcement.

They suggest people decrease their use of these devices and maintain your distance when possible.

They advised families to use extra caution when buying wireless devices, smartphones and toys and virtual reality headsets, urging shoppers that all of these give off microwave radiation that may cause cancer and infertility. "I couldn't understand, and in fact the informants couldn't explain, why the document was suppressed". On Wednesday, months after a judge administered the office had to, the CDPH discharged an arrangement of rules.

Moskowitz says most state and federal health agencies have not kept up with the research and, in a statement last week, said, "the preponderance of the research indicates that cell phone radiation poses a major risk to health".


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