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Colorado Springs Kmart closing

Colorado Springs Kmart closing

Among the Sears stores closing are one in San Jose and one in San Rafael.

Sears Holdings said it has notified employees of the affected stores.

The Sears store adjacent to the Crossroads Mall it Fort Dodge was closed in January 2015.

Kmart moved to the 124,000-square-foot store at Laurel Mall in 1994 from a much smaller spot at the Hazleton Shopping Center in Hazleton.

Bell said the space where the Super Kmart is now is a prime location that will be attractive to other retailers.

A once vibrant piece of Americana, Sears has plummeted in recent years with the rise of Amazon and other e-commerce.

"Kmart's business model has not probably adapted to fulfill the opportunities that lay underneath its umbrella", said the mayor.

It may need to sell more stores. So, just to say it's just the small stores is not exactly the case.

The lone Kmart in Colorado Springs is closing its doors in 2018. They are will be closing in early April.

The Sears store located in the Hanford Mall will be closing in early April, according to a press release from the company.

Two months ago, Sears announced it was closing the Kmart on Cleveland Highway in Dalton, Ga., and another Kmart store in Tullahoma this month as part of a cost-cutting plan involving 63 stores.

While closing a store is always a hard decision because of the impact on our customers, our associates and the community, Macy's is delighted to have served this community over the years. We hope to have more information later.


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