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4-year-old boy dies from flu in Ohio

4-year-old boy dies from flu in Ohio

Area hospitals say they're at or near capacity due to an influx of patients with the flu or flu-like illnesses, but that people who need care will still be seen.

The Ohio Department of Health released information Wednesday afternoon about a young boy who has died from the flu.

It's been a busy time for the hospital with all of the people stopping by the emergency room with flu like symptoms.

The H3N2 virus caused a majority of the cases, a strain that's especially risky because it affects the elderly and those with weak immune systems. "If you are sick, please stay home to prevent further spread of the virus".

She's seen a recent spike in cases with 170 reports of influenza in the county through December 23, a 45-percent increase from a year ago.

The death was noted in a flu report published by the University of Rochester Medical Center's Center for Community Health and Prevention.

People getting the flu from the vaccine is a misconception, de Lota said. "But time is short and we hope you get vaccinated soon, if you haven't". But the symptoms will be milder and probably have a shorter duration.

National media outlets are reporting that the flu virus is less effective than usual this year, which could be a cause of the severe season.

The body takes about two weeks to produce a full immune response following inoculation.

Fairfield County Health Department communicable disease nurse Tiffany Nash did not have access to actual case numbers in the county. Residents with questions should contact their health care provider. The Denton County Public Health department offers low-priced immunizations to those who qualify.

The majority of influenza detections continue to be H3N2, although the proportion of detections that are influenza B has been increasing steadily, says the report. However, the state does track pediatric deaths. There have been four outbreaks of influenza at long-term care/assisted living facilities in the county.

Arizona is among 26 states that the federal Centers for Disease Control said have high flu activity, with widespread activity reported in 46 states.

"No parent should ever have to suffer the loss of a child to the flu".

Symptoms of the flu include fever, headache, cough, runny or stuffy nose, fatigue and muscle aches.


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