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Kashmir edu system sows anti-India seed: Bipin Rawat

Kashmir edu system sows anti-India seed: Bipin Rawat

Hundreds of Chinese and Indian troops faced off previous year on the Doklam plateau, a small strip close to the intersection between China , India and Bhutan. "We are continuously manning the border", he said regarding the Doklam standoff.

India Today had first reported about a sudden spurt of transgressions, air-space violations soon after the Doklam stand-off ended.

The Army on Friday said it will not allow an expansionist China to intrude into Indian territory at any cost, while roundly dismissing Pakistan's reckless threats about its tactical nuclear weapons being an effective counter to India's conventional military superiority. "They are more concerned about tasks at hand to get success, that is why sometimes it is leading to higher casualty rate", said the Army Chief in New Delhi. The issue was resolved diplomatically in November.

The "Chinese troops may" chose a different location. On December 28, Indian troops foiled attempts by Chinese road building teams to construct a track around 1 km inside the Indian territory in Tuting, government sources had said.

Gen Rawat suggested a revamp of the education system in Jammu and Kashmir to stop youth from drifting towards jihad.

He also said that the Army can call Pakistan's nuclear bluff.

"...the education system in Jammu and Kashmir in the government schools is corrupted because the teachers who teach in these schools have also come up in the same way...the system of education out there needs to be given a relook...the kind of education in these schools is wrong", he said in reply to a media query.

To another question, he said India and the USA were deliberating on a proposal to appoint military liaison officers at each other's combatant commands. "They [Pakistan Army] are now feeling the pain".

"We are examining various dimensions of the proposal", he said.

Commenting on recent developments in US-Pakistan relations, Rawat emphasized the US can not expect from India to do its job in the region.

Replying to a question on whether Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet US President Donald Trump on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos later this month, Kumar said details of the PM's engagement will be known only two-three days before the visit.


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