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Google researchers use Eye scan to detect heart risk

Google researchers use Eye scan to detect heart risk

RIGHT: retinal image in gray, with the pixels used by the deep learning algorithm to make predictions about the blood pressure highlighted in shades of green (heatmap).

To "train" the algorithm, Verily's scientists used machine learning to study medical data from nearly 300k patients - some with cardiovascular issues, some without.

In a paper (PDF) published today in the Nature journal Biomedical Engineering, researchers explained their method: An AI algorithm evaluated eye scans and, after refining its model with machine learning, was able to predict cardiovascular risk factors like age, gender and blood pressure. This unique method involves analyzing blood vessels in an area of the eye called the retinal fundus.

Lily Peng, a leading researcher of the study and product manager at Google AI says in an official blog post that, "Using deep learning algorithms trained on data from 284,335 patients, we were able to predict CV risk factors from retinal images with surprisingly high accuracy for patients from two independent data sets of 12,026 and 999 patients". Learning whether you are prone to heart disease can prevent millions of deaths every year as heart disease is the top killer worldwide. To do this assessment, doctors most of the time take into account a variety of factors including - age or sex, lifestyle components like smoking, blood pressure and also whether or not a patient has another disease, such as diabetes or cholesterol which is associated with significantly increased risk of CV events.

Deep learning neural networks, which essentially pick apart data similar to our soft human brains, look for patterns in the data and trawl through them to identify indicators of cardiovascular problems. In addition, Google CEO Sundar Pichai referred to the study in a tweet and said, "AI offers us the potential for new, less invasive tests for heart health - predicting cardiovascular results from retinal images with computer vision - encouraging early results!"

Google Scientists Create Algorithm For Heart Attack Risk Based On Retinal Scans

The new tech could enable doctors to screen their patients easier and give them the proper treatment and could also enable patients to assess their health risks by themselves. The rear interior wall of the eye (the fundus) is chock-full of blood vessels that reflect the body's overall health.

Google indicates that its researchers will train the algorithms using larger datasets in the future.

Google has allegedly been working on predicting eye diseases using artificial intelligence for a while now.

The algorithm was fairly accurate at predicting the risk of a cardiovascular event directly, said Peng.


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